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BUB Flier

BREAKUP BENCH is a musical about a girl (HER) who takes guys to the same park bench to break up with them before getting too involved. One day, the bench disappears and she finds herself stuck in a committed relationship (with HIM), unable to end things without it. Tension builds when an ex-boyfriend (EX) from the past comes back into her life and suddenly everyone’s stuck struggling to fight for something they aren’t even sure they want. 

Utilizing a three-person cast of actor-musicians, this (mostly) sung-through pop-folk musical is a contemporary rom-com for the ages, dealing with one of humankind’s most complicated emotion; love - real, fake, and lack there of.

Breakup Bench was born out of a challenge to write a ten-minute musical the summer of 2016. Spoiler alert: it’s definitely longer than ten-minutes. Receiving financial support from the Mary Gates Endowment for Scholars in 2017, Breakup Bench had its first public reading at the University of Washington. It has been showcased at Ovations! and the Village Theatre’s Northwest Songwriters Showcase.

Cultural Essay.jpg

CULTURAL ESSAY was created in conjunction with the Pocket Theater’s 2018 Solo Performers Month. It is a solo-musical that takes the audience to 2012, when Rheanna was a senior in high school applying for colleges and struggling to write a cultural essay. How do you write about the culture you’re immersed in when, your entire life, you’ve felt like a fraud in your own skin? Exploring themes of identity, belonging, and cultural dysphoria, this show highlights the expansiveness of the Asian-Pacific-American experience.